Astra SpA is an Italian manufacturer of industrial vehicles, trucks and dumpers.
Iveco subsidiary of Italian giant, belonging to the Fiat Group, the company has two distinct areas, the range of civilian vehicles, which manufactures construction trucks very large tonnage and dumpers, and a wide range of heavy military equipment.
Astra vehicles, very well known for their strength and durability, have PTR that can reach 75 tons in road version and 740 tonnes in exceptional convoy.
Specific versions of these machines are known for work in the construction of tunnels, due to a patented recycling exhaust gases.
The Astra range begins with simple 4x2 trucks and continues through huge 8x8, with all intermediate models.
Always out weight limit in France, where the PTR a 6x4 is 26 tons, we can meet on the closed sites or quarries, except in the tunnels, their empty weight is 16 tonnes in the Version 6x4.
Astra has long been a brand known in France for his rigid dumpers for mining especially with the RD28 model, 28 tons of payload. Astra also manufactures a full range of articulated dump trucks ADT 25-30-35-40.
All these materials are distributed in France by Lenormant BTP1.

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